Resolving Costly Litigation Disputes In and Out of the Courtroom

Legal disputes can often become costly and time consuming regardless of the issue. The guidance of an experienced lawyer can help in finding a resolution to your dispute before protracted litigation becomes necessary, saving countless dollars and hours of time.

Since 1973, our staff at Trapp & Hartman, S.C. has provided dedicated and comprehensive representation to clients throughout the Brookfield, Wisconsin, area. Our attorneys are able to provide assertive trial representation and skilled negotiation and mediation to provide a solution appropriately tailored to your needs.

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Working Toward a Favorable Resolution

Though any particular outcome cannot be guaranteed, our law firm has obtained favorable resolutions for countless clients facing a wide range of litigation disputes, including:

  • Real estate litigation
  • Business litigation
  • Injury and damage claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Construction disputes
  • Criminal defense
  • Social Security disability

Taking a problem-solving approach to your case, we work diligently to provide the resolution you need, whether through negotiation between the parties or trial before a judge and jury.

We have the experience necessary in helping to prove your side of the dispute and apply pressure to the other party to force a settlement or obtain a favorable ruling at trial. We give you control for your case, which in turn gives you the power to make important decisions affecting the outcome.

Take back control of your life — contact our office to discuss the possibility that our law firm will represent you and your best interests in litigation.