Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Guiding Clients through Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions, development and litigation involve a detail-oriented approach. Careful drafting of contracts and other documents by an experienced real estate attorney can avoid many problems. When disputes arise, an attorney experienced in litigation of real estate matters can make the difference between a practical resolution or a lengthy court battle.

At Trapp & Hartman, S.C., our lawyers have assisted clients with residential and commercial real estate since 1973. We provide legal support throughout residential and commercial real estate transactions, including purchases and sales, drafting of condominium documents, preparation and review releases, resolution of landlord -tenant disputes and guidance of developers through planning and acquisition.

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Comprehensive Real Estate Law Representation

Residential and commercial real estate transactions and development projects often involve large financial transactions, leading to higher stakes when legal complications arise. Our attorneys provide objective and informative counsel, dividing the pieces of a transaction or lawsuit into digestible pieces so you can confidently understand what you are facing. In short, we give you the confidence you need to make the right decision.

Our experience in delivering practical solutions to complex real estate issues allows us to help clients with a number of projects, including:

  • Sale, purchase, lease: From the initial contract negotiation to closing, our representation is designed to help avoid legal complications during your transaction and in the future whether you are a first-time home buyer, or an experienced real estate professional. Over the years, we have dealt with transactions relating to single family homes and multifamily residences, small and large condominium developments, commercial properties, commercial developments, and Section 1031 exchanges.
  • Real estate development: Assisting investors and entrepreneurs with development projects, we can help with the acquisition of land and planning. We have worked on the development of raw land, subdivisions, and condominiums, including drafting of condominium documents, in both the residential and commercial real estate markets.
  • Litigation: Through extensive courtroom and negotiation experience, we can help clients to find a resolution in even the most contested real estate litigation, including cases regarding buyer and seller disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, misrepresentation, construction defects, land contract and mortgage foreclosure, and boundary disputes.
  • Landlord -Tenant: Lease drafting, and review, as well as enforcement all the terms and resolving disputes including eviction and other court procedures for both commercial and residential properties.

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